Revised Application technology pelletizing in the Food & Beverages sector


Production of product pellets using liquid nitrogen


Use of liquid nitrogen for the production of product pellets.

Compared to conventional cooling processes pelletizing offers, in particular, the following advantages:

  • Very high freezing capacity
  • High product quality
  • High survival rate of biological substances
  • Variable adjustment of the freezing capacity through module technology
  • Good and uniform product quality
  • Low nitrogen consumption through efficient utilisation of cooling energy
  • Long machine operating times – continuous operation possible



The Cryogen-Rapid Pelletizer from Messer fixes liquids in the form of frozen pellets at very high freezing rates and with a homogeneous quality. 

The modular construction of the Cryogen-Rapid Pelletizer makes it possible to adapt the performance of the machine to its requirements. There are applications for the Cryogen-Rapid Pelletizer in the food industry, for example in the production of ice-cream. Furthermore, it is highly suitable for biological and pharmaceutical products, such as manufacturing starter cultures for yoghurt.

Revised Customer process pelletizing in the Food & Beverages sector - Ice Cream

Pelletizing of ice cream

Production of ice cream shots for an outstanding product

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